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Discussing alcohol & other drug prevention with students has never been easy. Most want to appear “too cool” to engage in what is often a tough conversation. In each of these programs, Archie shares openly about his battle with drug addiction, allowing students to build trust through vulnerability. The transparency he uses provides students the opportunity to shed light on silenced issues that ultimately equip them to move towards a more transparent future.


Program Overview

We all know what happens in college - parties, beer pong, the passing of a joint, and poor choices. While most college kids end up with a bad hangover, some find themselves in a dark battle with alcoholism or addiction.

Archie uses his past experiences to share a far too common path from casual partying to addiction. Archie teaches students how to identify warning signs in their peers and equips them the ability to open those vulnerable conversations with others.


Program Overview

Choices can seem so insignificant in the day-to-day world, but overtime it can make a real impact on your life, good and bad. Archie gets real with how his choices from the past to cover up pain led to "just one more."

Archie's drug abuse workshop is real and hits home for student drug and alcohol awareness.

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