Discussing alcohol & drug use is somewhat a taboo topic in the corporate world. Most of us prefer to not know because then we have to “deal with it.” But as we tend to spend more time with our co-workers than we do our families, our co-workers can oftentimes be the people who can encourage and support us the most. Addiction is a lonely disease.  Our goal is to equip your team with the tools they need to reach out to a co-worker who may be hurting and in turn, allow them to feel less alone.

In life, we tend to think that small, seemingly insignificant choices have no real impact on our lives. Archie learned firsthand how it   is simply not true. He shares with attendees how a series of choices he made to cover up unbelievable pain  led to not only his first drug, but years of “just one more.”


While most attendees will not find themselves in a hospital ICU as a result of a drug overdose, most of us know someone who battles alcoholism or addiction. Understanding the “why” behind her/his usage and self-destructive behaviors reminds us to be kind to the person who is battling a very controlling disease.


In this powerful program, Archie  uses his personal journey to show how easily life can go off track. Participants will also learn how to spot potential warning signs in those they are close to, and how to communicate with someone headed in the wrong direction with alcohol and/or drugs.

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