Thank you for exploring the leadership programming options provided by Archie Cares. These programs are designed to address leadership skills that we believe your team leads or managers need to thrive in today’s ever-changing dynamic.

We’ve heard it said “There’s no ‘I’ in Team!” But when did being a good leader mean putting yourself last?  Effective leadership does not mean losing personally.
In fact, the best leaders prioritize themselves and their own wellbeing.


In this motivational presentation, Archie explores the concept of “servant leadership” in a different way.  This hybrid philosophy puts the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of you  the leader first. Attendees leave with permission to prioritize themselves and use appropriate language when reclaiming time and space in their life. This presentation reminds leaders that they can create strong, effective teams without putting themselves last.

Leadership has never been easy, but your team  managers now have unique challenges not covered in typical HR on-boarding presentations. Being able to sift through the noise and lead with purpose is more important than ever.


In this interactive and engaging program, attendees receive a framework that  allows them to refocus on their most critical leadership priorities. Participants also connect with students in similar leadership positions and brainstorm how they can lead with intentionality and purpose.

Effective virtual delivery is not as simple as turning on your webcam and talking to the green light. For those who do it well, preparation, inspiration and presentation help keep virtual meeting participants engaged throughout the entire talk. This program allows team members to reframe their preparation, retool their content and enhance the visual appeal of their presentations.  Participants leave excited, inspired and ready to Zoom  Like a Boss!

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