Thank you for exploring the Mental Health & Wellness program options that Archie Cares can provide your company. It’s normal for managers to focus on team outputs, black & white metrics, and deliverables. But, focusing on the mental health of your employees will allow for greater productivity, higher economic success, and lower turnover rates.   Each of these programs is tailored to encourage, challenge, and equip your employees to take care of themselves in order to achieve success in their work.

Mental illness: Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. These words have shame and an enormous stigma attached to them. Although there is progress in the mental health field, it isn’t happening fast enough for mental illness sufferers. Often people don’t feel comfortable saying, “I need help” or “I’m really not okay.”  In this program, Archie Messersmith-Bunting details his own mental health struggles and reminds attendees “it’s okay not to be okay.”  He encourages attendees to take personal action: tell someone and talk about your feelings. This is the beginning of true healing and happiness.


Participants learn how to identify signs their co-worker, family member, or peer may be struggling and how to connect them to support resources. They will also discover action steps to encourage help-seeking while avoiding the less-than-helpful things many say to those struggling with depression.

The good news: experiencing anxiety during a period of global change is completely normal. The not so good news: it’s extremely difficult to adjust to a “new normal” when you’re struggling with different and potentially strong feelings of insecurity and worry.


In this interactive presentation, Archie walks through smart mental health practices in a time of high anxiety and uncertainty. There are self-care best practices your employees or team members can use to improve their mood and things they can begin to avoid when they’re having an off mental health day. Attendees  also learn what the research says about the science of happiness and what they need  to create it for themself. Spoiler alert: Everything we need to be truly happy we’ve always had - we just might not have known it.

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